Tips for searching a flat

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Private rooms mediation of Kölner Studierendenwerk

The staff at the information points to take flat and room deals from private landlords and publish this to students.

Looking for a room?
- At Infopoint You can view the deals personally
- online list of privates do

You want to offer a room?
- Call on Infopoint Tel 0221 942 65- 201 or
- Send an e-mail to the E-Mail

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GAG offers dormitory rooms for students

GAG is a partner of the Cologne student services and also offers students in apartments.
Homepage of GAG

Rent apartments in the center of Görlingen



Placing your own ads...

is sometimes more efficient, because landlords and those looking for roommates sometimes don't advertise themselves, because they fear a flood of telephone calls. 
Attention female students: Don't mention your complete name and address in your advertisement. Just write your telephone number and / or your e-mail address. You shouldn't look at the flat / room on your own if you got a bad feeling while talking to the landlord on the phone.

Youth hostels

While looking for a flat/room in Cologne, you can - if you don't have friends or relatives here - stay in one of the youth hostels.

Appartement Brokerage Firms

Many flats, that you find advertised in the newspapers are offered by apartment brokerage Firms. The brokerage fee should not be higher than two month's rent plus value added tax. You only have to pay for the brokerage if

  • you received the new tenancy agreement through the work of an apartment brokerage firm
  • the flat neither belongs to the apartment brokerage firm, nor is let or administered by it.
  • the apartment brokerage firm has made a contract with you before in which his work and the brokerage were defined.

You only have to pay the apartment brokerage firm after you have signed the tenancy agreement.

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